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Infinity Stamp Technologies specializes in offering website design solutions including but not limit to static website ,dynamic and web applications and e commerce. In addition to Graphic design, e marketing and domain name registration and web hosting plans.
Starting in Jordan 2005 ,with our five years of experience by a team who knows what to do for their clients ,our clients focus on their product or service we plan and design their websites according to that ,our core business is to give benefits to our customers by publishing the site in the way that their customers can find what they are looking for and easily communicate with them.
In the past five years of our experience in Jordan added to our twelve years of experience in the west market we have built an impressive reputation for producing and implementing Internet based solutions that are strongly market-focused. These solutions covered a wide range of capabilities and are as starting with regular Websites, Ecommerce and graphic design. Also, we are familiar with markets that require high demand and do whatever the customer needs, because the customer is always right.


I S Tech's business principal is to work with you hand-in-hand to achieve one goal, your success, and never forget that your success is also our success - your growth means our growth. Our immediate aim is to establish a strong one on one relationship that enables a thorough understanding of where your business is heading.

I S tech. is proud of its achievement in the corporate and business world. Our creative focus ensures innovation, balance and originality I S techs' commitment and success is evident through our national and international corporate clientele.


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