Graphic Design

I S Tech. thrives on change and we possess an ability to project its effects in the context of our design work. We emphasize that design activity is focused first and foremost on human behavior and quality of life. Good design begins with the needs of the user. No design, no matter how beautiful and ingenious, is any good if it doesn't fulfill a user need. But good design isn't simply about the surface. Aesthetics are important, but only a part of a bigger picture.

Steady investment in, and commitment to, design is rewarded by lasting competitiveness rather than isolated successes. IS Tech . provide corporate design services that in turn, gives companies the ability to set themselves apart in increasingly tough markets.

Effective communication is necessary for business growth, and good design is the foundation for all effective communication. Though graphic design is one piece of the entire marketing picture, it is usually the first way that organizations communicate. When your message integrates harmoniously with visual appeal, the result communicates powerfully. Design functions best when all the ingredients have integrity and represent the message in a clear and memorable way.
Catalogs - Ads - Brochure - Flyer - Direct Mail - Package Design - Sales Support Material

Corporate Identity

I S Tech. will help you achieve that unique corporate identity concept. High quality design output is important to your business. A positive first impression will increase the potential for possible future business relationships. Your logo or corporate identity speaks volumes about your business, who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Essentially, your corporate identity becomes synonymous with your organization and the foundation of your entire graphic communication. Visual Identity - Brand Identity - Logo Design - Corporate Literature and Concept Design

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